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We are a global firm providing IT solutions and Rental Solutions to organizations of all sizes across various industries.


Explore Our Wide Range of Laptops, Notebooks & Tablets. From the Most entry level to the most Top-rated Laptops in Apple, Dell , HP , Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Toshiba

Branded Computers

Browse Our Full Range of Branded Computers and Custom-Made Computers.
(Including Office Use Computers | Industrial Computers | Home use Computers | Gaming Computers | Music Production & Video Editing Computers), in across all brands Dell, HP, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Acer.


Explore Our LCD & LED Monitors in across all brand any size such as 15.6inch , 17.0inch , 18.5 inch, 20.0 inch, 21.05 inch, 23.00 inch, 24.0 inch (Dell | HP |Lenovo | Acer |Samsung |Asus| View sonic ).

All in One Computers

Go minimalist with the best all-in-one computer. An AIO computer will help you maximize your space by packing a computer monitor, desktop PC, and even computer speakers in a single, slim unit. As with traditional computers, AIO computers also come in many Brands, Shapes, Sizes, Quality and Price. So, we have the best all-in-one computers


We provide a full spectrum of managed services to support organizations that lack the time or talent to manage their technology in-house to the level they desire.


Get customizes branded servers as per your requirements for Application server | Web Server | Data base Server | Tally Server.

Network Switches

Connect your network with reliable and quality manageable switches.

Computer Accessories

We Deal all types of Laptops, Desktops Servers Accessories Ram | HDD | SSD Hard Disk | Motherboard | Processor |Cards
We deliver efficient solutions at the speed of change

Discover how technology is changing the nature of services and delivery with us

Hands on Leadership

The presence of a leader among employees is a good sign that the leadership is engaged and concerned with the final product or service to our client.

Building Trust and Enthusiasm
Client First Mindset

We are extremely client focused. Our decisions are driven by a client first mindset.


Ensuring Quality
fast and effective door delivery snap tech info solutions
Fast and Effective Delivery

Customer Satisfaction is always a number one priority for us.
Our Commitment is Fast and Effective Delivery.

Initiative & Credibility

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We BUY, SALES & RENT all types of IT Assets & products like Laptops, Desktops, Monitors, Workstations, Servers, Network products ( Switch & router ), And all types of spares parts also etc.

We deal in refurbished and used Laptops, Desktops, Monitors, Workstation, Servers and spare parts as well.

We also provide all mentioned products on rental basis across the major Cities i.e., Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Ahmedabad & Pune. For requirements other than these Cities we can try and provide the Rental Equipment after knowing your exact requirements.

One Stop Solution for Every Information Technology requirements

Buy New Branded Laptop | Buy New Branded Computer | Buy New Assemble Computer | Buy New Server Buy New Cisco Products | Buy New Workstation | Buy new Monitors |Buy New Laptop Rams | Buy New SSD Hard Disk | Buy Desktop Rams | Buy New Desktop Motherboard | Buy New laptop screen | Buy New Server Ram | Buy New Server Hard Disk | etc.

Buy Refurbished Laptop | Buy Used Computer | Buy Second hand Server | Buy Used Cisco Switch |Buy Used All in One Computer | Buy Second Hand Monitor | Buy Used Laptop | Buy Second Hand Computer | Buy Refurbished Workstation | Buy Second Hand laptop |Buy Used Monitor | Buy Refurbished Server | etc.

New laptop on Rent | New Desktop on Rent | New Server on rent | Used Laptop on rent | Second hand Computer on rent | Refurbished Server on rent | Used Cisco Switch on Rent | Refurbished Server on Rent|   Hire Network Products | Used Monitor on rent | Second Hand Laptop on Rent | Etc